Rope Pile Triptych,
pen and colored pencil,
30" x 88", 2010

Pattie Lee Becker
“Liquid Sunshine”, 2006
 nylon, monofilament, stainless steel, hardware, blowe

Lee Boroson


Anthony Lister
Gabriel Kuri
Untitled (Montanas), (2011).

PIG curated group exhibition in Long Island City

Jim Drain, Serpent, 2009 
Gelatin, A Sculpture You Can Believe IN, 2008

Chen Wen-Ling

Vinh Duong

Hope Gangloff

Spoiling Yosemite

Kim Anno

Different Layers

 Follow this link to hear a Bad at Sports interview with DJ Spooky talking about our contemporary world as a "collage machine."

Episode 35a: DJ SPOOKY! Art fair night #1

Eva Hesse (Drawing)

Eva Hesse
1963 c.
19 5/8 x 25 1/2 in