some photos of the space...

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gettin' a pair of ears!

mummy sculpture, urgently needing ears of her own...

...will receive a custom pair via air-dry clay

figuring out mummy base structures

weird Americana ironing board designs, not sure if these were ever manufactured
basic ironing board:observing the way the folding legs fold and support weight

variously colored beach body boards
late 1950's beauty parlor chair


we all have daily contact with this disposable industry standard; it's mass production  has even expressed its own form of evolution as you can see below.
these lil plug things never proved too useful for me. i imagine they might for those poor metropolitan interns who have to do the coffee runs for the office... i do think this item might be an interesting sculptural intervention. if that little flat nubbin thing was something else, anything else..?

it really isn't the kind of thing you choose for yourself...

Thinking alot about Coffee Cups

sweaters, for your coffee
catering to tea bags
on firm ground

forms emerge
(designing the inside)


ergonomic handling