"We Care About You" is a show of sculptural installations, made up of found objects and materials such as couch cusions, light-bulbs, wire, ceramic figurines, lighters and push pins by artist Andy Coolquitt.

There is something honest a gallery space that is made to feel like a formalist yard sale. Like an aesthetic force detatched and arranged the perfect parts of junky house hold items and furnature scraps into a clear reimagining of the role objects play in interior spaces. This obsurd repositioning of parts opens up questioning about our tendency as humans to accumulate objects of which we are convinced help increase the functionality of a room and comfort of a space.

Coolquit's work immediately references a DaDa sensibility through a reoccurring use of
salvage materials that might be at home in a back yard storage shed or child's playroom. The identity of these materials is one that is between states. Between domestic use and dusty storage, complicating both our ideas about residential and gallery space.